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white older couple embracing each other with a grey sky in the background

Looking for recovery inspiration? We asked Orri’s community what eating disorder recovery means to them, and here is what they said…

a woman with afro textured hair in a field with the sun setting behind her

Mental health campaigner, Emily Nuttall, shares a poem inspired by her journey in eating disorder recovery. It depicts a journey of self-discovery, strength and hope.

young women in prayer in a mosque for ramadan

We have entered the holy month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar. This can be an extremely challenging time for those with eating disorders. We explore in this blog how to nurture your recovery, at your pace.

lady with arm tattoo holding chopsticks over a bowl of fresh noodles

Orri’s Dietetics team share 12 affirmations to keep you grounded as you approach mealtimes in recovery. Allow these reminders to keep you focused on what’s important.

pink rose in a garden mollie

Regular Guest Blogger, Mollie, shares a special poem that captures her growth in eating disorder recovery, like ‘how a flower grows from that tiny seed’. 

blue sky with a polaroid photo of a blue sky being held by a woman's hand wearing blue nail varnish

Regular Guest Blogger, Mollie, shares her feelings and learnings from her eating disorder recovery. 

two males looking over a city with a hand over a shoulder

Inspired by Orri’s ‘Remember Your Bros’ campaign, for Eating Disorders Awareness Week, a member of the eating disorder recovery community shares their hopeful poem.

young boy wearing a grey hoodie in a forest

This Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we’re reflecting on the male experience of eating disorders. This raises the question – what influences masculinity? Here, we explore the influence of archetypes and toxic masculinity, with a Jungian twist.

multi-coloured hands with palms faced up in a circle

Eating disorders don’t discriminate. We need to recognise the diversity within the demographic of people who struggle with an eating disorder so we can provide effective, safe and meaningful care.

man on colour on a sofa wearing a beige jumper talking

Anger is a natural and important emotion, though it is often socially stigmatised. In this blog, we explore how to honour anger throughout eating disorder recovery.

andrew seed Specialist Eating Disorder Psychotherapist

Andrew, Orri’s Specialist Eating Disorder Psychotherapist and Lead of Orri’s Men’s Group for male staff, shares his thoughts on how gender norms have developed over the years.

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