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Authenticity is a core part of Orri’s philosophy. Our blog is a place to share news and updates on Orri, but most importantly, discuss important topics in relation to eating disorders and recovery.

What does a Dietitian do?

People with eating disorders already have a lot of rules. Rather than replace their rules with another set, Paula prefers to see how they get on at mealtimes and, if she notices they’re struggling, step in and help them to make changes. “That’s what treating an eating disorder is all about—it’s making changes which are going to be sustainable.”

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What does a Family Therapist do?

Once the family has come together, Karen’s job is to establish trust, built on mutual respect, honesty and openness, a space that validates and values everyone present, and where things move at their own pace.

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Eating disorders are not about the food

When someone is suffering from an eating disorder, it's hard to imagine that it's not about the food. Here, Orri's team explain why food is not the problem, rather, it's a symptom of underlying causes.

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When should you access support for an eating disorder?

Admitting you have a problem and need professional support is one of the hardest parts of recovery. Here, Orri's multi-disciplinary team discuss when it is you should look at accessing support.

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Why does intensive day treatment work for eating disorders?

Beyond our incredibly dedicated team and the tranquillity of 14 Hallam Street, it’s our pioneering model for intensive day treatment that differentiates us from other treatment centres. In case you were wondering, here’s what intensive day treatment looks like…

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Why care in the community can save both money and lives

We at Orri believe that hospitalisation should be reserved for life-saving interventions such as weight stabilisation, and that daycare is otherwise the best option for long term recovery.

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Men get eating disorders too

As Chawner reminds us at the end of the film, “No one gets through life unscathed. And men do get eating disorders too. It’s not anything to be embarrassed about and you’re not alone.”

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