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This week, Orri’s Somatic Therapist, Pippa, held a London workshop, in collaboration with Be Well Collective. The event explored body image and how to unlock our authentic selves. It was a heartwarming and tender evening, filled with brave stories, honest conversation...
This week is NEDA’s Body Acceptance Week, where individuals and organisations come together to promote body positivity, body acceptance and body liberation for all. Inspired by the week, we sat with Pippa, Orri’s Yoga and Body Awareness Therapist, to learn...
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Eating disorder recovery requires individuals to be honest of their needs; to be honest to others and how they can support; and to be honest on how recovery is going, even if it feels difficult.

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Orri’s online community shares hopeful recovery affirmations. Allow them to serve as reminders that your life extends so far beyond an eating disorder. You deserve to live your life free from the barriers and hurdles of this illness.

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Looking for more ways to engage with the eating disorder community? Discover more helpful resources designed to support you on your journey to recovery, such as our charity partner, Beat, and other accessible resources. 

We also host a range of workshops and events, where connections, education, and healing align. We’re with you every step of the way.