We see you. We’re here for you.  

This is a blog for those of you who have been struggling with an eating disorder in silence. Perhaps you have been contemplating treatment and are not sure where to start. Or maybe, you don’t want help. However you have landed here today, this is a space to show you that we are here – we see you, and your experience deserves to be witnessed. 

Eating disorders are unique to each individual, meaning that they will manifest in different ways and ‘look’ different for each person. In essence, there’s no “one way” to have an eating disorder. It’s a spectrum, and “severity” is not simply defined by the number of times that you purge, the amount of calories you consume, or the number of workouts you do each day. 

Severity is also about how you feel. For instance, how the nature of your eating disorder shows up in other areas of your life, like your relationships or work. 

Eating disorders are nuanced in these ways. They’re deeply personal, often deeply secretive, and sometimes we can be very good at convincing others that we’re fine. Basically, how do you know if you need help? Or even want help?  If everything “seems fine”, does that not mean that everything is “fine”? 

Perhaps there’s a safety in “fineness” and it’s here that an eating disorder can capitalise on the narratives of “I’m okay” or “I’m feeling secure/certain”. 

Often, being honest with ourselves about what we need can bring to light difficult emotions, and it may go against the expectation to “be well” in recovery. It may also communicate to others and ourselves that we are not perfect. This can be hard to handle. 

But this is a reminder that your experience of your problem is completely valid. It’s never ok to be living with an eating disorder – no one is ever fine whilst living with an eating disorder.  

You don’t have to look a certain way to have a problem, or to be considered “struggling”. You are deserving of help because you are a human  being whose life and enjoyment of life matters and is valuable.  

At Orri, what we are interested in who you are, what you’re struggling with, and what you want from life so that we can support you. 

About Orri’s new Online Outpatient  Services 

Our online outpatient services are specialist individual therapy sessions that allow clients to pursue treatment and recovery in a flexible, bespoke manner. 

Clients will work with our team to build a programme of outpatient sessions that support their needs and evolves with them over time. 

 Why are we doing this? The eating disorder field is continually evolving, and it is our responsibility to be responsive and provide a unique blend of evidence-based and innovative approaches for our community. 

Our outpatient service allows clients to pursue treatment and their recovery in a flexible and personalised manner  

To find out more about our Outpatient Programme, click here. 

For more information on our approach, click here. 

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