Eating Disorders Awareness Week

To our tough bros: Guest Blogger

Inspired by Orri’s ‘Remember Your Bros’ campaign, for Eating Disorders Awareness Week, a member of the eating disorder recovery community shares their hopeful poem.

Archetypes and Toxic Masculinity  

This Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we’re reflecting on the male experience of eating disorders. This raises the question – what influences masculinity? Here, we explore the influence of archetypes and toxic masculinity, with a Jungian twist.

Male Intersectionality and Eating Disorders 

Eating disorders don’t discriminate. We need to recognise the diversity within the demographic of people who struggle with an eating disorder so we can provide effective, safe and meaningful care.

Anger and displaced feelings

Anger is a natural and important emotion, though it is often socially stigmatised. In this blog, we explore how to honour anger throughout eating disorder recovery.

Treating men with eating disorders at Orri 

In Orri’s eating disorder service, we treat every person who comes through our door or checks into our online programme – male, female, any gender – with respect for their individual journey. All are welcome, however they may show up.