Professional referrals

At the heart of Orri’s philosophy is the intention to support and heal the whole person, not just the symptoms of the eating disorder. Referring to Orri can be done in one of two ways – either directly as a self-referral or via a healthcare professional.

Putting clients’ minds at ease: Orri offers a FREE clinical assessment which includes intake meetings with expert clinicians to build an initial care plan and confirm that Orri is the right next step.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in referring a client to our services. If you don’t have all the information requested at hand, that’s okay. We will be in touch to discuss things in more detail.

We accept private medical insurance. Please ask our Admissions Specialist for more details.

Pre-intake consultation.

We will discuss your client’s situation in detail, walking you through the specifics of our approach and treatment programmes to ensure we’re the right fit.

Coordination at intake.

Our admissions specialist will ensure a comfortable, reassuring and smooth experience for the client upon arrival.

Consistent collaboration.

We understand that ongoing collaboration across a multi-disciplinary team is crucial to long-term recovery. We will engage you in every step of the way and seek your input and perspective as the client progresses in their recovery.

Orri’s CPD Seminars

If you’re interested in learning more from our clinicians, check out our upcoming CPD seminars. All proceeds go to our charity partner, Beat.

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