In order to improve early intervention and access to treatment, we need to improve education and awareness around eating disorders.

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Kerrie Jones, a leading eating disorder psychotherapist and founder of Orri, points out, it’s highly damaging as it reinforces the notion that women can (and should) change how we look as and when celebrities dictate it – with no regard for our actual health. … Body image problems are one of the strongest risk factors […]


Experts say even subtle messages about what to eat, and what not to, can easily be misinterpreted. ‘People who are vulnerable to eating disorders tend to be perfectionistic and in search of the ‘best’ way to behave or act,’ says Kerrie Jones, psychotherapist and CEO of eating disorder clinic, Orri. ‘They build belief systems based on […]


Love Island alum contestant, Michael Griffiths, shares his experience of disordered eating and discusses the pressure men face when it comes to body image. Kerrie Jones, CEO & Founder of Orri, says: “For men, the more nuanced signs of an eating disorder may go overlooked, particularly if those signs reflect values of modern life or […]


An Orri client shares her eating disorder recovery journey, including her experience of treatment at Orri. ‘Three years ago, I made some huge changes, which were critical to my recovery – I left my relationship, and I quit medicine. I slowly improved, but in May 2020, I noticed I was becoming more rigid with food […]


Kerrie Jones, Orri’s CEO & Founder, and Dr Paul Robinson, Orri’s Director of Research & Development and Clinical Advisor to the newly launched MEED guidance, feature in ITV News latest report. Following the week’s news on the rise of eating disorder admissions in the UK, being 84% in the last five years, ITV News delve […]


For Mental Health Awareness Week, Orri CEO & Founder, Kerrie Jones, joins mental health experts to talk about loneliness and shares her practical advice to help those struggling. ‘We often find that people have very few close friends or intimate relationships as their eating disorder forms a seemingly ‘protective’ barrier between them and the outside […]


Orri’s CEO & Founder, Kerrie, says: ‘”So many aspects of the lockdown mimicked the isolative, restrictive and chaotic nature of an eating disorder,” she said. “You can appear incredibly high-functioning on the outside whilst deeply struggling on the inside.”

Doctor Louisa Beckford, Consultant Psychiatrist at Orri explains the drug, Ozempic. Manufactured by the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk.

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“Setting weight-based goals can put arbitrary expectations on ourselves that only work to shame ourselves into action. Instead, we must focus on movements that bring joy and tap into the part of ourselves that wants to play and be creative.”

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