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Orri is a new choice for people aged 16+ living with an eating disorder. Our innovative approach to treatment enables meaningful treatment, positive outcomes and sustainable recovery.

We believe that recovery from an eating disorder is possible when people have access to the right support for their individual needs.

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Figures lay bare toll of pandemic on UK children's mental health

Orri, a specialist service for eating disorders, said enquiries in July were 92% higher than in February, before the lockdown. Within six days of lockdown it launched online intensive day and evening programmes so that clients could continue their treatment and progress in recovery.”

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Coronavirus lockdown is plunging people with eating disorders into deeper crisis

Kerrie Jones, the clinical director and co-founder of eating disorder clinic Orri, agrees that the current media pressure to “transform yourself” during lockdown can “be incredibly difficult for someone with an eating disorder to avoid. For some, these messages can amplify the internal dialogue and make the struggle with poor body image and a difficult relationship with food even harder.”

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Coronavirus lockdown is plunging people with eating disorders into deeper crisis

Kerrie Jones is the Clinical Director of London based specialist eating disorder clinic, Orri. She has more than 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist in eating disorder treatment.

“I’m well aware from my colleagues who work in the NHS, and other private settings that they have had to discharge huge numbers of people from inpatient services up and down the country.

“Lots of clients have been ringing us saying, ‘I was due to have my assessment’ or ‘I have been seeing somebody and it’s just stopped’, and they just don’t know what to do.”

The team at Orri made the difficult decision to move all care of its clients online and it’s working well for now, but this isn’t a possibility for some clinics.

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Managing an Eating Disorder Under Quarantine is Weird and Hard

Self-isolation is likely the biggest of these. “Eating disorders thrive in isolation,” points out Kerrie Jones, Clinical Director and Co-founder of day treatment centre Orri. “When we are cut off from loved ones and day-to-day routines that help us to feel safe and in control of our recovery, the ‘voice’ of the eating disorder can seem amplified.”

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Treating anorexia: an alternative to prolonged hospitalisation

Dr Paul Robinson is Director of Research and Development at Orri and one of the UK’s leading experts on eating disorder psychiatry.

Over one and a quarter million people in the UK are living with an eating disorder. Yet, many of these people are being failed by a glaring and dangerous gap in the treatment landscape, becoming trapped in a cycle of waiting lists, hospitalisations, and relapses.

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