We see you. We’re here for you.  

This is a blog for those of you who have been struggling with an eating disorder in silence. Perhaps you have been contemplating treatment and are not sure where to start. However you have landed, we are here for you.

8 Messages of Hope, from Orri’s online community

Orri’s online community shares hopeful recovery affirmations. Allow them to serve as reminders that your life extends so far beyond an eating disorder. You deserve to live your life free from the barriers and hurdles of this illness.

A reminder to forgive. 

What better motivation is there to turn a new leaf in eating disorder recovery than in springtime? You might want to ask yourself: what am I holding onto, right now? What’s growing within me?

12 Affirmations for Mealtimes

Orri’s Dietetics team share 12 affirmations to keep you grounded as you approach mealtimes in recovery. Allow these reminders to keep you focused on what’s important.

How to nurture a compassionate voice

Did January go how you had planned it? Or, maybe those recovery goals you set at the start of the year are feeling harder to reach. If you are feeling the pull of the inner critic, here are some reminders.