Orri Online

Recover from home

A recovery community and expert care, from home.

Meeting you where you are

Orri Online is our face-to-face, virtual day treatment programme for eating disorder recovery.

Led by a team of specialists based around the world, this is a flexible and accessible approach that meets you where you are, through a secure and convenient platform.

From home, you’ll benefit from:

Group therapy

Individual therapy

Dietetic support

Occupational therapy support

Supported meals and snacks

Psychiatry & Nursing

Bespoke Orri platform & Recovery App

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Our online treatment is rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC.

Orri is in the top 1% of all UK mental health organisations.
Example online timetable schedule

Example online half-day (morning) schedule

How it works

Following an in-depth assessment with our specialist team, clients are invited to join a treatment programme lasting an initial 6 weeks. 

Clients join online at a minimum of 3 half days per week.

  • Half day sessions run for 4 hours: morning sessions run from 9:30am – 1.30pm, afternoon sessions run from 1pm – 5:30pm
  • Full day sessions run for 8 hours, from 9:30am until 5:30pm

We include breaks throughout the day and ongoing support between groups and sessions.

All programmes follow a stepped approach, meaning that the duration and intensity of each programme is unique to the individual and evolves with them over time.

Who it is for

  • Further afield: those who are based geographically further afield from our clinic in London
  • Studying at university: those who are attending university and want to access flexible, expert treatment around lectures and coursework
  • Alongside a career: those in work – abroad or in the UK – who wish to access treatment for recovery around their working commitments
  • Convenience of home: those who have family commitments that will benefit from the convenience and accessibility of online treatment from home
  • Accommodating neurodiversity: those with neurodivergent needs who find online treatment a more comfortable alternative to in person support
  • Higher level of care: those who have struggled to progress in outpatient treatment or have been given a recommendation for a higher level of care

No matter where you’re based, our approach treats the whole person – mind and body –for long-term and sustainable recovery.

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"As someone who was at Orri physically and then moved onto the online platform I can whole heartedly say that the online service Orri have created is great and it has really helped me progress on with recovery at a time when an easy option could have been to press the pause button."

Online Client

"I was apprehensive about online treatment but have found it invaluable to work on my eating disorder in my home environment."

Online Client

"I found Orri at a critical time when I could have easily gone into the depths of my eating disorder. I feel so incredibly privileged and grateful to have been fortunate enough to have treatment at Orri. The approach everyone takes is so different to any other treatment I have had before."

Online Client

Treatment that suits you

Join us online, in person or as a blend of both.

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In Person

A safe space in central London for you to recover from your eating disorder. No matter where you are in your journey, we’re here to walk alongside you.


Orri blend programme


Our Blend Programme is a unique programme for eating disorder recovery, combining both our in person and online treatment programmes.