Healing from disordered eating – a culturally competent lens for recovery

Our experts at Orri have teamed up with the CB Plus’ Young People Thrive team to create Food & Me – a free webinar series dedicated to exploring eating disorders through a culturally and racially sensitive lens, in order to educate and raise awareness within London communities.

The webinars are open to anyone aged sixteen and over, who live in the London boroughs listed below. The webinars are particularly beneficial for those from Black, Asian, and other ethnic and minoritised communities.

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The programme is being run in the following London boroughs:

North East London

Barking & Dagenham | City of London | Hackney | Havering | Newham | Redbridge | Tower Hamlets | Waltham Forest 

North Central London

Barnet | Camden | Enfield | Haringey | Islington 

North West London

Brent | Ealing | Hammersmith & Fulham | Harrow | Hillingdon | Hounslow | Kensington & Chelsea | Westminster 

Sign up for Food & Me webinars

Led by Orri’s eating disorder specialists , there are four webinars in total that explore topics such as:

Module 1: What is an eating disorder?

Module 2: The role of food in your culture

Module 3: Routine and structure

Module 4: Body image

Webinar Dates

Module 1: Wednesday 8th May at 6.30pm

Module 1 follow up: Wednesday 22nd May at 5.30pm

Module 2: Wednesday 22nd May at 6.30pm

Module 2 follow up: Wednesday 5th June at 5.30pm

Module 3: Wednesday 5th June at 6.30pm

Module 3 follow up: Wednesday 19th June at 5.30pm

Module 4: Wednesday 19th June at 6.30pm

Module 4 follow up: Wednesday 3rd July at 5.30pm

Signing up

You can register for the Food & Me webinars below. The sessions are free, and you don’t have to have attended previous webinars, in order to join future ones. We also understand that you may be registering for yourself or as a parent / carer of a young person you’re responsible for, and we have tailored the registration options accordingly.

For yourself: If you are signing up to attend the webinars for yourself, please click below to complete your registration.

For someone else: If you are a parent, carer or professional and signing up to refer a young person, please complete your registration by clicking below.

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A movement for change

The Food & Me project extends beyond treatment and education; it is a social movement centred on open conversations, stigma reduction, and building resilience. Individuals and communities are invited to participate through webinars, hosting events, engaging in conversations, and contributing to the project’s direction through an Advisory Group.

“We are thrilled to deliver Food & Me in collaboration with Orri and the North London Adult Eating Disorders Provider Collaborative, a programme under our Young People Thrive service, which is part of CB Plus. Aligned with our main vision of supporting young minds in London and helping their mental health thrive – we want to empower individuals to understand their relationship with food, disordered eating, and eating disorders, facilitating early advice and support when needed.”

Zoe Kattah, Head of Young People Thrive

A vision of inclusivity

The Food & Me project is a safe space for young adults (16+) and their families across 21 London boroughs, with a particular focus on those from diverse backgrounds. The project acknowledges the unique needs of different communities and seeks to ensure that recovery we approach with cultural sensitivity.

“Our liaison with CB Plus for the NLAED project is an extension of our work under the framework of allyship –working towards raising awareness of eating disorders within marginalised communities. Our hope is that by raising awareness and presenting psychoeducation on Eating Disorders through a culturally competent lens, more and more individuals from minority ethnic communities will recognise their need for eating disorder support and feel empowered to advocate for their right to individualised, identity-informed care.”

Romy Wakil, Therapeutic Manager and Head of DEI at Orri

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Eating disorders impact us all differently

Our aim with Food & Me is to introduce a movement underpinned by open conversations, dispelling stigma, and fostering resilience regarding disordered eating.

Want to be part of this movement? Here are some ways to get involved:

Join, interact, and grow with our webinars

Host an impactful event and invite us

Join the conversation with your community

Help shape our direction by joining the CB Plus advisory group