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Orri’s founding story.

We are a new choice for people aged 16+ living with an eating disorder.

Our treatment enables meaningful treatment, positive outcomes and sustainable recovery.

Our purpose.

We exist to provide Specialist Intensive Day Treatment for people with eating disorders and to collaborate with experts by experience and partners to enhance accessible and quality treatment throughout the UK, so that individuals, families and communities can thrive.

We are an impact-led business.

Through investment from social impact investment firm, IVUK, Orri is part of a portfolio of impact-led businesses.

Social impact companies exist to make tangible change in the community.

We prioritise work that consciously, systematically and sustainably serves the community or solves a community need.

Impactful change for eating disorders.

The prevalence of people with serious eating disorders that require specialist treatment is increasing in the UK and beyond.

Founded in July 2018, Orri provides an intensive day treatment programme for people aged 16+ with eating disorders, providing both an alternative to hospitalisation as well as the opportunity for earlier intervention. Evidence strongly demonstrates that early intervention achieves better patient outcomes.

Recovery is possible.

We believe that recovery from an eating disorder is possible when people have access to the right support for their individual needs.

In her work with clients across 15 years, Orri’s Clinical Director and Founder, Kerrie Jones, recognised that there was a need for a treatment that provided not only expert support in managing physical and behavioural complexities, but also a profound need for a space in which clients can choose to explore the underlying difficulties and causes in depth.

Orri’s Specialist Day Treatment responds to this need; taking a flexible, stepped approach to treatment so that every client receives tailored support that evolves with them over time.

Our programmes focus on what you are recovering to, rather than what you are recovering from.

Our charity partner, Beat.

We have been partnered with the national eating disorder charity, Beat, since day one. Beat recently called for intensive community treatment to be available for all people suffering with eating disorders:

Quite simply, early intervention saves lives. Yet sufferers are routinely told they aren’t ‘ill’ enough for treatment. The current treatment landscape is letting people down – there is a huge need for the type of service that Orri is providing, which helps people with eating disorders to seek treatment earlier, and to integrate it into their everyday lives.

Andrew Radford

CEO, Beat

Dr Paul Robinson, Director of Research and Development at Orri and a former chair of the Faculty of Eating Disorders at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, highlighted the need for more options for those suffering:

“There are not enough treatment options available for people and their families living with eating disorders, leading to a cycle of waiting lists, hospitalisation, and insufficient, inconsistent support. At the heart of Orri’s philosophy is a comprehensive treatment approach. We don’t just focus on the physical manifestation of the eating disorder, but instead seek to get to the root of the problem, exploring how it has evolved and tacking the underlying issues that are reinforcing it.”

Dr Paul Robinson

Director of Research and Development, Orri

Research and development.

Orri is taking part in key research projects to support the transition towards a more flexible and community-based approach to eating disorder recovery. We will share more information soon.

Early intervention.

We understand that to improve early intervention and access to treatment, we firstly need to improve education around eating disorders. As such, Orri has developed a social impact initiative to extend our expertise beyond the walls of our London centre.

We pledge to:
  1. Provide support to those most at risk of suffering, particularly those at school or studying in university
  2. Empower people to feel confident to ask the right questions and have conversations around eating disorders
  3. Streamline referral pathways to specialist treatment to avoid delay
  4. Equip people with the skills they need to support a loved one
  5. Raise awareness in the general public about eating disorders and how to get help

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Our approach

Orri takes a flexible, stepped approach to treatment so that every person’s programme is appropriate to their individual needs and evolves with them over time. 

Our goal is always to heal the whole person by addressing the underlying causes of the eating disorder.

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Our assessment

What can you expect of our assessment process? Respect, kindness and compassion, every step of the way.

Individuals can refer themselves into our treatment with no referral needed from a GP or other healthcare provider.

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Our day treatment

Our specialist day programmes are intensive treatment programmes for those at different points in their recovery journey. They take place during the day to treat all aspects of the mind and body through group and one-to-one therapy.

The programmes are flexible in duration, meaning that they are tailored to you and your individual needs.


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Online treatment

Orri Together is an Online Specialist Day Programme delivered by renowned eating disorder professionals and tailored according to your individual needs.

The programme supports you with your eating disorder recovery when in-person treatment is not possible and helps to address your recovery goals through ongoing, consistent support and care from Orri’s specialist team.

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All of our treatment services are compliant with NICE Guidelines and Royal College of Psychiatrists recommendations.

Furthermore, each one of our therapists is registered and/or accredited with one or more of the organisations below, which all comply with the individual association standards and undergo strict recruitment and supervision procedures.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

British Psychological Society

Health and Care Professions Council

British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

Association of Family Therapy

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