A reminder to forgive. 

What better motivation is there to turn a new leaf in eating disorder recovery than in springtime? You might want to ask yourself: what am I holding onto, right now? What’s growing within me? What do I want to nourish to fruition? 

As the flowers bloom and the birds sing, may you also find the courage to start anew, no matter how the last month has been for you – a poetic reminder to grant yourself compassion and forgiveness… 

This April we are making space for forgiveness whilst considering renewal and growth. Perhaps in March there were moments that felt difficult in your recovery and this may be present with you, today. Recognise the waves you have already sailed that have brought you here, to this moment; hold onto your learnings and knowledge that you can continue to grow. 

So, rather than beat yourself up for what “went wrong”, think “what can I learn from this?”. A step back isn’t a step back if we’re able to bring compassionate awareness and curiosity to it. 

Now, thinking into the future, Easter has past and perhaps revision and exams are on the horizon for some of you. There might be so much going on that it’s hard to see where recovery “fits” into life. 

That makes sense – when are attention is pulled in different directions and we’re feeling conflicted, it’s hard to listen to our intuition around what we need. 

This blog is your reminder to prioritise you. The ‘you’ that is underneath the day-to-day life stresses of studies, work, family life – the person who wants to show up fully for themselves right now and also in the future. 

It feels important to recognise that there might never feel like a “right time” to recover, so hold onto the knowledge that recovery is not just a “thing you do” for yourself right now – it’s also a turning point that sets you up for how you experience life, relationships, work, in the days to come. We explore the stages of change when contemplating recovery in a previous blog. 


At the end of the day, you matter. If your eating disorder is holding you back from experiencing life to the fullest, you deserve better

Forgiveness is a way forward and it takes a lot of courage to make difficult decisions, and to forgive past decisions. We’re here to walk that bumpy road with you. 

We have to go gently when we’re making big decisions in life, like the decision to enter eating disorder treatment. This is why at Orri, we take things at your pace, with respect, kindness and compassion, every step of the way. 

Simply reach out to learn more. 

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