‘Why would online eating disorder treatment be for me?’

We believe eating disorder treatment should meet you where you are, in life and in location. Our specialist online treatment is an accessible, flexible, face-to-face programme for recovery. Read on to learn more.

How we’ll work together…

Our online treatment is a face-to-face, intensive programme that supports you with navigating your individual recovery journey. You may be studying at college or university, located further afield from our London centre, or in need of more accessible treatment at home.

We’re here to build a programme around your existing commitments to keep you connected to your everyday life outside treatment.

The day is structured to include morning and afternoon sessions, so that you can build a programme that works around you and your commitments.

Working collaboratively with you, the team will create a tailored online programme that provides a mixture of:

  • Daily therapy groups
  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Meal support
  • Nutrition groups
  • Regular registered Dietitian & Occupational Therapy sessions
  • Family therapy can be arranged as required
  • Recovery Record mobile app for mood and food tracking, keeping clients connected to their clinicians

At the start of each week, one of our Eating Disorder Associates emails the programme schedule for the week, along with a daily email containing links to join sessions.

Each day includes regular breaks away from the screen to ensure clients can make the most of the therapeutic spaces online.

Our stepped approach to treatment means that the intensity and duration of each online programme is unique to the individual and evolves with them over time.

Is online treatment “as good” as in person?

We often hear this question, and honestly, the answer is yes. Our outcome data demonstrates Orri’s online treatment is just as effective as in person treatment, meaning that you get the very same high quality and specialist support that’s offered in our London service. In fact, since launching our online service, we’ve helped countless individuals – across the UK and internationally –make meaningful and sustainable progress in recovery.

The most unique thing about Orri’s online treatment is the fact that you can take Orri with you, wherever you go. By joining online, you can stay present in your day-to-day life and connected with your loved ones, whilst engaging in specialist treatment wherever you are in the world.

Being online, we can support you in healing your home environment, which can be particularly helpful for families in recovery together.

“I am proud of how much I’ve changed as a person from the teachings of Orri and that all areas of my life are progressing; food, relationships, health, body image and thought processes. It has highlighted what is important in my life and I feel as if I am on the right path now, whereas I was unsure before of what the right direction was.” Online client

Online, the team have supported clients and their loved ones with mealtimes, choosing snacks from the kitchen or preparing meals. Having Orri virtually “there”, responding and supporting in the moment, has truly helped clients take their recovery home with them.

Recovery is a very personal journey and we recognise that we, as a treatment centre, have to walk alongside you in that process. We’re grateful to have supported many clients from further afield of our London clinic in their recovery through our online treatment.

Can I attend both in person and online treatment together?

Yes! Orri can offer a blend of both online and in person treatment as part of a treatment programme, to aid the transition to home. We recognise some clients will need a level of flexibility in terms of their location or commitments, and as such, we would discuss this further as part of the assessment process.

Clients on a blended programme benefit from translating the skills learnt in the building into their home environment, nurturing autonomy and resilience in recovery.

With online treatment, can I continue attending my university/school/work?

We understand how daunting finding the best support for your eating disorder recovery can be, on top of uprooting your daily life commitments to attend treatment. This may not align with your recovery needs. That is why our online programme may be the most effective eating disorder treatment for you – for you can still access us even when you are not based in London; studying at college or university; or, in need of more accessible treatment at home. At Orri, we see this.

The intention of our treatment is always to keep you connected to your everyday life, so as far as possible we encourage clients to continue in work or in their studies all the while it is supportive of their recovery. Having an online version of our treatment also means that we can come with you and support you whilst you’re at university, working abroad or even on holiday.

There are occasions when work or study commitments can interrupt recovery, and we would think carefully together with you about how we may be able to support you.

“The whole Orri team have been fully by my side throughout my journey and it has shown me how connection and being true to oneself are so important in recovery.” Online client

Members of Orri’s online community share their reasons why online treatment works for them…

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