Dr Paul Robinson, Director of Research and Development

Dr Paul Robinson is a leading Psychiatrist for the treatment of Eating Disorders.

He is a founding member and former chair of the Faculty of Eating Disorders at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

A leading voice in the promotion of intensive community treatment, Dr Robinson is a lecturer at University College London where he launched a postgraduate degree course in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition.

His work with Orri is focused around pioneering a new Intensive Day Treatment service and demonstrating effective treatment through clinical outcomes.

“This is a stark and much-needed alternative to hospitalisation. The launch of clinics such as Orri signals an important shift on current provision for the early intervention and longer-term management of eating disorders.

Orri is participating in clinical trials to determine the clinical and cost-effectiveness of an intensive “stepping into day treatment” approach versus inpatient treatment “as usual” for eating disorders.

It is hoped that the findings of such trials will support advice to government to facilitate scaling of the early intensive, multidisciplinary day treatment model across the NHS, potentially opening the door to large-scale, long-term and well-overdue disruption of the treatment landscape.”

 Dr Paul Robinson

You can read more about this in Dr Robinson’s Mental Health Today article.

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