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Orri Together, online.

Nurturing hope, strengthening recovery

Orri Together is an Online Specialist Day Programme delivered by renowned eating disorder professionals and tailored according to your individual needs.

The programme supports you with your eating disorder recovery when in-person treatment is not possible and helps to address your recovery goals through ongoing, consistent support and care from Orri’s specialist team.

Our dynamic online team consists of Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Dietitians and Case Managers with extensive experience in delivering online treatment. By offering an online treatment programme, you can stay present in your day-to-day life and connected to your loved ones whilst nurturing hope and strengthening your recovery.

Orri Together Online is the most holistic treatment I’ve ever experienced.  I’m so grateful for the support, skill and dedication of the staff who truly design a unique programme for each person.  I was apprehensive about online treatment but have found it invaluable to work on my eating disorder in my home environment.


How the programme works

The programme works to deepen your understanding of your eating disorder as well as address the underlying difficulties.

Clients are invited to attend daily, between Monday-Friday, logging into a series of groups supported meals, workshops and planning sessions.

Each day will focus on different themes that aim to keep you working towards your individual recovery goals. This includes: offering support with being at home, creating a safe space, managing isolation, planning your days, and ensuring menu choices are recovery-focused. We also explore body image challenges, distress and stressful situations as well as your personal recovery needs.

I am proud of how much I’ve changed as a person from the teachings of Orri and that all areas of my life are progressing; food, relationships, health, body image and thought processes. It has highlighted what it important in my life and I feel as if I am on the right path now, whereas I was unsure before of what the right direction was.


Programme structure

Three or five-day week programmes from 10am-5pm, consisting of:

  • Specialist therapy groups
  • Nutrition groups
  • Meal support
  • One weekly individual or family therapy session
  • Bi-weekly sessions with a registered Dietitian
  • Recovery Record mobile app for mood and food tracking, keeping clients connected to their clinicians

Physical health management, oversight and GP liaison will be provided. Supported weigh-ins are available for clients at their request.

This is your journey.

Every four weeks the team will ‘meet’ with you for a programme review, offering both clients and their carers a space to think together about the challenges they are facing during this time.

The sessions are run through a secure, encrypted software, ensuring therapy sessions are confidential and protected. Full IT support is available.

Families and carers

Families and carers have ongoing support via a phone call or Zoom video call. This support is practical and “in action”, helping with family dynamics, menu planning and supporting emotional difficulties.

Orri Online has been a godsend during these uncertain times. With feelings of both physical and emotional isolation so strong, it is for many the perfect environment for an eating disorder to take control. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to remain supported by the team and held accountable for my recovery – despite the change in physical proximity. The delivery of the service may have changed, but I still feel the strength that the team can see in me just as strongly.


Ready to start your journey?

Step 1: Call or email us. From our first contact, we provide education and guidance to support you in accessing the right help. Our process is quick and accessible, ensuring we can help you or your loved one promptly.

Step 2: Over the phone, our Admissions Manager, Ivana, will chat with you to understand how we can best support you. They will also gather important information about your life – and the impact of your eating disorder on your life – to see if our online programmes are able to help.

Step 3: If it sounds like our online programme could help you, we will organise an assessment over the phone or via Zoom. During this appointment you will meet a member of the therapy team so that we can determine the right level of support for you at this time.

Step 4: Time to start your recovery. Following these appointments, we will agree the amount of days for your online programme and arrange a conversation with those supporting you in recovery. We know this is often a time of high anxiety, and as such, the team are on hand to support you every step of the way.

Last updated by Kerrie Jones, Clinical Director of Orri, in April 2020.

As someone who was at Orri physically and then moved onto the online platform I can whole heartedly say that the online service Orri have created is great and it has really helped me progress on with recovery at a time when an easy option could have been to press the pause button.

Connecting with people is even more important at this time and Orri online offers the opportunity to connect to a community of people going through similar struggles to you, an opportunity to say how much you might be struggling, and to get advice and help from professionals.

I cannot emphasis enough how valuable the Orri community has been for me during this time and I would really encourage anyone thinking about engaging on Orri online to give it a try.


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