Online, together.

Wherever you are, a recovery community and outstanding treatment at the click of a button.

Eating disorder treatment should meet you where you are, in life and in location.

Working together online, our programmes address your personal goals for recovery with individual psychotherapy, group therapy, supported meals, occupational therapy and dietetics support.

No matter where you’re based, our approach treats the whole person – mind and body – for long-term and sustainable recovery.

Who is it for?

Our online treatment is a flexible, face-to-face intensive programme that supports you with navigating your individual recovery journey.

You may be studying at university, located further afield from our London service, or in need of more accessible treatment at home.

Whatever your circumstance, our treatment meets you where you are so that recovery is possible.

Orri Together Online is the most holistic treatment I’ve ever experienced.  I’m so grateful for the support, skill and dedication of the staff who truly design a unique programme for each person.


How the programme works

Following an assessment, clients are invitated to join a treatment programme lasting a minimum of 6 weeks.

 The day is structured to include morning and afternoon sessions, so that you can build a programme that works around you and your commitments.

Working collaboratively with you, the team will create a tailored online programme that provides a mixture of:

  • Daily therapy groups
  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Meal support
  • Nutrition groups
  • Regular registered Dietitian & Occupational Therapy sessions
  • Family therapy can be arranged as required

Our approach online

Our stepped approach to treatment means that the intensity and duration of each online programme is unique to the individual and evolves with them over time.

As clients progress in treatment and recovery, they ‘step down’ their level of support in line with their needs.

This is done collaboratively with the Orri team – we virtually meet clients every 6 weeks to review the programme and offer clients and carers a space to think together about the challenges they’re facing during this time, and discuss how we can help.

The sessions are run through a secure, encrypted software, ensuring therapy sessions are confidential and protected. Full IT and tech support is available.

I’m just so grateful that Orri exists. Orri has managed to pull me out of a really dark place and shown me hope. I have been through various treatment programmes in the past and I have never been treated with as much compassion and understanding than I have with Orri.


Families and carers

Families and carers have ongoing support via a phone call or Zoom video call. This support is practical and “in action”, helping with family dynamics, menu planning and supporting emotional difficulties.

I am proud of how much I’ve changed as a person from the teachings of Orri…It has highlighted what it important in my life and I feel as if I am on the right path now, whereas I was unsure before of what the right direction was.


Ready to start your journey?

Step 1: Simply reach out. From our first contact, we provide education and guidance to support you in accessing the right help

Step 2: Over the phone, our Admissions Team will chat with you to understand how we can best support you

Step 3: If it sounds like our online programme could help you, we will organise an assessment over the phone or via Zoom

Step 4: It’s time to start your recovery. Following an assessment, we will agree the amount of days for your online programme and arrange a conversation with those supporting you in recovery

We know that this is often a time of high anxiety, as such, our team are on hand to support you ahead of your arrival at Orri Online.

Last updated by Kerrie Jones, CEO, in February 2022.

I cannot emphasis enough how valuable the Orri community has been for me during this time and I would really encourage anyone thinking about engaging on Orri online to give it a try.


We’re booking assessments now. Contact us to learn more about how our online programmes could support you or your loved one.

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