Orri Together, online.

Nurturing hope, strengthening recovery

Orri Together has been developed to support you with progressing your eating disorder recovery during this time whilst in-person treatment is not possible.

The programme is specifically designed to help you continue to address your recovery goals whilst receiving ongoing consistent support and care from your team.

Our hope is that by offering an online specialist day treatment programme, you can stay present in your day-to-day life and connected to your loved ones.

How the programme works

Clients are invited to attend daily, between Monday-Friday, logging into a series of groups supported meals, workshops and planning sessions.

The programme works to deepen your understanding of your eating disorder as well as address the underlying difficulties.

Each day will focus on different areas aimed at ensuring you continue to meet your recovery intentions. This will include offering you support with being at home, creating a safe space, managing isolation, planning your days, and ensuring your menu choices are recovery focused.

We will also explore body image challenges, distress and stressful situations as well as considering yourself care needs.

One-to-one support

Alongside the group programme you will have:

  • A weekly one-to-one therapy session
  • Regular Dietetics sessions,
  • Regular one-to-one Occupational Therapy session
  • Psychiatric reviews as clinically indicated

Physical health management, oversight and GP liaison will be provided. Supported weigh-ins are available for clients at their request.

This is your journey.

Clinical Director, Kerrie Jones, and Clinical Manager, Maxine Jones, will ‘meet’ with you for a programme review, offering both clients and their carers a space to think together about the challenges they are facing during this time.

Each client will access a secure Zoom platform through a series of invites scheduling a group and individual timetable. Full IT support is available.

Families and carers

Families and carers have ongoing support via a phone call or Zoom video call. This support is practical and “in action”, helping with family dynamics, menu planning and supporting emotional difficulties.

Last updated by Kerrie Jones, Clinical Director of Orri, in March 2020.

We’re here for you. Contact us to learn more about how our online programmes could support you.

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