“Where words fail, music speaks” – A Playlist for Hope

As we entered the second lockdown, our clients came together to share songs of hope.

Songs that inspired belief in recovery; songs that helped reinforce the resilience needed to power through challenging times; songs that encourage us to turn inward, check in with ourselves, and respond to the needs we illuminate.

As the quote goes, “music can heal wounds that medicine cannot touch” – music is a medicine in and of itself. It has the ability to influence all areas of our mind and body, from mood to memory. This is because there is no single “musical centre” in the brain, instead, lots of different brain networks that work to analyse music when it’s played.

The 19th-century Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, wrote “Where words fail, music speaks.” Music has a profound ability to conjure up all sorts of memories and emotions. We can feel despairingly sad, pumped up, silly, joyful, reflective, pensive, sad but not really sad…endless possibilities. Sometimes we only need 10 seconds of a song to be transported back to a place or into a different mental state.

People with eating disorders can sometimes struggle to find words to express certain feelings or emotions. Or perhaps we’ve been through an experience that, in itself, is hard to reach and connect with. Music can be a vehicle for both of these experiences.

We invite you to listen to our clients’ “People’s Playlist” on Spotify

‘Cause patience and trust will lead to your full recovery

And in the settling dust I wrote this message for you to see

It said you should go and stop keeping track

And I hope you know I’ve got your back

Full Recovery – Curtis Walsh

We will recover

The worst is over, now.

All those fires we’ve been walking through,

And still we survive, somehow.

We will recover

The worst is behind

And it hurts, but in time, i know that we will recover.

Recover – Natasha Bedingfield

I know there’s pain (I know there’s pain)

Why do you lock yourself up in these chains? (These chains)

No one can change your life except for you

Don’t ever let anyone step all over you

Hold On – Wilson Phillips

‘Cause nothing’s ever over till you say it’s over

And nothing’s ever finished

Not unless you walk away

Hope – Natasha Bedingfield

Lift up your head, break down the walls

Don’t stop pushing till they fall

At first the sun might hurt your eyes,

But soon you’ll see the beauty in the light

Beauty in the Light – Hollow Coves

Don’t tell me that you’re gonna run away from it now

You’re gonna stand here and fight for it

Don’t tell me that you can’t

And you’re gonna back down

You’re gonna stand here and fight for it

Fight For it – Lucy Spraggan

You’ve got it all

You lost your mind in the sound

There’s so much more, you can reclaim your crown

You’re in control

Rid of the monsters inside your head

Put all your faults to bed

You can be King again

King – Lauren Aquilina

But I’ve got high hopes, it takes me back to when we started

High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again

High hopes, when it all comes to an end

But the world keeps spinning around

High Hopes – Kodaline

This is my fight song

Take back my life song

Prove I’m alright song

My power’s turned on

Starting right now I’ll be strong

I’ll play my fight song

And I don’t really care if nobody else believes

‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

Flight Song – Rachel Platten

But stand up and never say never

‘Cause this life is gonna get better

Take a breath, shake it off and say

I’m on my way

On My Way – Charlie Brown

When the going is rough, saying

We’re gonna get it, get it together right now

Gonna get it, get it together somehow

Gonna get it, get it together and flower

We’re gonna get it, get it together, I know

Gonna get it, get it together and flow

Gonna get it, get it together and go

But you can say what is, or fight for it

Close your mind or take a risk

You can say, “It’s mine,” and clench your fist

Or see each sunrise as a gift

Up and Up – Coldplay

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