To our tough bros: Guest Blogger

Inspired by Orri’s ‘Remember Your Bros’ campaign, for Eating Disorders Awareness Week, a member of the eating disorder recovery community shares their hopeful poem.

“I struggled with an eating disorder in its various guises for too long before I reached out for help. I am now (thanks to certain heroes at Orri!) armed emotionally and mentally with years of incredible recovery work and support. I may not be completely free of eating disorder or my struggles yet, but I am safe, manage my eating disorder more that it does me & work daily to push through – fuelled by that work & being part of the Orri community. I wrote this as a plea to anyone who feels they are alone, in the dark, sitting in front of an impossible to climb volcano, fearing if you speak it will erupt making things worse & not be of any help leaving you covered in ash…

This ‘To our tough Bros’ plea poem was prompted by Orri’s call to ‘show our ‘’Bros’’ some love’ echoing the EDAW 2023 focus on eating disorders in men, but is a reach out to all Brothers and Sisters… that you please stop putting on that ‘TOUGH’ face & suffering in silence while your heart aches.

Reaching out for support will plant a seed that slowly turns that dark volcano into a green mountain, beneath a brighter sky, with buds of hope growing in abundance. And whilst it will be a rocky and steep climb – you will conquer & recover.

Warm strength packed wishes to all , whatever stage of tackling your tough mountain you are at right now.


Please stop suppressing tears and fighting weakness to appear tough

Stop denying pain and pushing away help to appear tough

Stop running from your feelings and struggling in silence to appear tough

Please, please, please… stop punishing yourself with everything to appear tough!

What is tough: suppressing, fighting, denying, pushing, running, struggling…

And what would you prove and make you feel how tough you truly are…

Would be to stop, to breathe, to listen to your heart (your strongest muscle!),

Admit you’re aching inside and reach out for help.

Then step by step… brave working through your struggles, making recovery changes toward happiness.

It will be a tough thing to do…

But dear Bros, it will deem you the toughest of all!

And Sisters… all that goes for you too!

to our tough bros poem guest blogger edaw

Find out more about Orri’s campaign for Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2023, here:  

As always, remember your #BROS.  

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