The word ‘despite’ – Alumni Client  

Despite it all, recovery is possible. An insightful poem capturing the hope and courage that shows up in eating disorder recovery. Written by an Orri Alumni Client.  

“As someone who’s been down the treacherous road of anorexia and is still on the journey to recovery, this poem was meant to reflect on the path I’ve taken towards healing. It’s a testament to the fact that no matter how hard it gets when battling a mental illness, we can still triumph over it and come out victorious. 

My inspiration for these words comes from the agony and turmoil that accompanies anorexia. The pain can feel unbearable, and the struggles never seem to end. But amidst all the chaos, I’ve learned that we’re all capable of healing and rising above our difficulties. 

I wrote this poem to remind those who may be going through a similar experience that they’re not alone, and there’s always hope. No matter how hard things get, we can push through and thrive. 

You could even tattoo these words on your skin if you feel like it, let them serve as a constant reminder that you’re a fighter, that you’re still here, and that you’ll continue to live your life to the fullest, despite it all. Your past doesn’t define you, but your unwavering spirit and determination to keep pushing forward do. I am so so proud of you.” 

“Here you are living despite it all.” 

Despite it all

Despite all the mean words 

the self-loathing and hate every time I look in a mirror 

the continuous struggle of the gnawing hunger 

the lonely nights spent sleeping on tear-soaked pillowcases 

the constant state of stress, anxiety 

the feeling of failure and hopelessness, 

the heartbreak, the loss, the grief 

Every single rough patch and hard time 

that I didn’t think I’d make it through. 

Despite it all

I want those words inked upon my skin 

in my own handwriting 

a reminder that I am still here, I am still breathing, I am still fighting, 

a constant reminder that 

I am so much more than my past. 

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