A safe space in central London for you to begin your recovery

Based in central London, our in person centre is a safe environment to take steps in recovery.

Our building is purposefully designed and trauma-informed to provide spaces to explore all aspects of yourself and the eating disorder.

Two women talking.

Supporting mind and body in recovery

Eating disorders impact all areas of our lives. As such, our in person centre provides space to treat the whole person – mind and body – for long-term, sustainable recovery.

Alongside comfortable and confidential spaces to engage in individual and group therapy, our open kitchen provides a social setting that fosters a collaborative approach to food and mealtimes.

Our yoga and body awareness room creates an environment for gentle and paced reconnection to the body.

Our clinic room is a designated space for physical observations, led sensitively by our nursing team.

Throughout the building you’ll find sitting rooms for down time between sessions.

Your journey with us

Following an assessment, clients are invited to join a treatment programme lasting a minimum of 6 weeks.

The length and duration of treatment is unique to the individual, but typically clients stay between 12-18 weeks.

Programmes follow a stepped approach, meaning that the intensity and duration is unique to the individual and programmes adapt in line with clients’ progress in recovery.

By returning home in the evenings and on weekends, you’ll remain connected to your everyday life outside treatment.

This is important because the further you progress in recovery – and the less treatment that you need – the easier the transition will be back into life without an eating disorder.

Antalia welcoming Fabian to Hallam Street

Your programme for recovery

In person clients join us for a minimum of 3 full days, up to 5 full days, per week in person.

A typical day runs for 8 hours, from 10:30am – 6:30pm.

The programme includes:

Daily group therapy sessions

Weekly individual Psychotherapy

Daily meals and snacks, supported by specialists

Regular Occupational Therapy and Dietetic check-ins

Physical health monitoring by our Nursing team

Psychiatric reviews, as required

It’s a brave and courageous decision to reach out

We know that coming into treatment is daunting – for everyone involved.

Because of this, we treat all clients and their families with respect, kindness and compassion.

Why kindness?

Orri is a CQC rated Outstanding healthcare provider. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding care, but kindness is what makes us unique.

Eating disorders are unkind to the individuals and their families. We counter that with our kindness, compassion, and commitment to making recovery possible.

Kindness is not always easy – and sometimes it means difficult conversations – but it creates a safe environment for people to be vulnerable and authentically themselves.

Two people talking

“Remember, however hard it feels or however long it takes, recovery is possible.”

In treatment with us, our clients see a highly significant improvement in their psychological symptoms as well as a significant decrease in restrictive symptoms with food.

4 out of 5 clients would recommend Orri to a friend if they needed to

It is our clients and their loved ones who make Orri what it is.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, and as such, our specialist treatment is continually evolving in line with feedback from clients and their loved ones.