Wherever you are, a recovery community at the click of a button

Eating disorder treatment should meet you where you are, in life and in location.

Online, you can take Orri with you wherever you go.

Our online treatment provides a flexible and accessible option to those who wish to remain connected to their lives at university, in work, or at home with their families.

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Accessible treatment that meets you where you are

Eating disorder treatment should meet you where you are, in life and in location.

Our online treatment provides a flexible and accessible option to those who wish to remain connected to their everyday lives outside treatment.

You may be studying at university, located further afield from our London service, or in need of more accessible treatment at home.

By offering morning, afternoon, or full day sessions online, together we can build a programme that works around your existing commitments.

Whatever your circumstance, our treatment meets you where you are so that recovery is possible.

Recovery-focused treatment, with kindness and compassion

No matter where you’re based, our approach treats
the whole person – mind and body –for long-term and sustainable recovery.

We understand no two eating disorders are the same, no two people are the same, so at Orri, no two treatments are the same.

Your programme

Following an assessment, clients are invited to join a treatment programme lasting a minimum of 6 weeks.

The length and duration of treatment is unique to the individual, but typically clients stay between 12-18 weeks.

Clients join a minimum of 3 morning, afternoon, or full day sessions per week.

Our part day sessions run for 4 hours, and our full day sessions run for 8 hours.

Programmes consist of:

Specialist therapy groups

Nutrition groups

Supported meals

Weekly individual therapy

Regular registered Dietitian/Occupational
Therapy sessions

Recovery Record mobile app for mood and food tracking,
keeping clients connected to their clinicians

How we’ll work together

At the start of each week, one of our Eating Disorder Associates emails the programme schedule for the week, along with a daily email containing links to join sessions.

Each day includes regular breaks away from the screen to ensure clients can make the most of the therapeutic spaces online.

Our stepped approach to treatment means that the intensity and duration of each online programme is unique to the individual and evolves with them over time.

Blend our programmes

Blend our in person and online treatment to support the transition to home.

Clients on a blended programme benefit from translating the skills learnt in the building into their home environment, nurturing autonomy and resilience in recovery.

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"As someone who was at Orri physically and then moved onto the online platform I can whole heartedly say that the online service Orri have created is great and it has really helped me progress on with recovery at a time when an easy option could have been to press the pause button."

Online Client

"I was apprehensive about online treatment but have found it invaluable to work on my eating disorder in my home environment."

Online Client

"I found Orri at a critical time when I could have easily gone into the depths of my eating disorder. I feel so incredibly privileged and grateful to have been fortunate enough to have treatment at Orri. The approach everyone takes is so different to any other treatment I have had before."

Online Client

Who our online programmes are for

  • Those who are geographically based further afield from our in person centre in London
  • Those at university, in work, or who have family commitments that will benefit from the convenience and accessibility of online treatment from home
  • Those who have struggled to progress in outpatient treatment or have been given a recommendation for a higher level of care
  • Those who have additional concerns, such as, anxiety, depression, OCD, and self-harm
  • Those who are struggling to function well due to concerns related to eating or body image
  • Individuals who are without support from others who understand

“I have found it invaluable to work on my recovery in my home environment.”

Our outcome data shows that our online treatment is as effective as our in person treatment.