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The truth about skin insecurities: where do we get them from and how can we unlearn them?

‘Insecurity is defined as a feeling of inadequacy, uncertainty or anxiety; lacking confidence. Often, when it comes to skin insecurities, what we’re talking about is how we evaluate our sense of self-worth, says Kerrie Jones, psychotherapist and CEO and founder of Orri, a specialist eating disorder service.

“All of us, at some point in our lives, will grapple with insecurities about our skin… We internalise messages about our bodies from a very young age, and the messages we receive can go on to form the narrative for how we see the world – and ourselves and our bodies within it – into adulthood. In response to this, we can develop a very binary view of the world, struggling to recognise that our value doesn’t stem from how our skin appears.”’

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