It’s Just Me, by Emily Nuttall – Guest Blogger  

Mental health campaigner, Emily Nuttall, shares a poem inspired by her journey in eating disorder recovery. It depicts a journey of self-discovery, strength and hope. 

Emily shares her poem with the hope to empower and inspire others along their recovery journeys. 

Fighting my demons 

Facing my fears 

Something I’m ready to finally forever beat after many years 

When I look in the mirror I need to be proud of me 

Remind myself every day that I can break free 

Beauty and personality comes in many different ways 

And it’s important to remember that’s ok 

I’m only human it’s ok to cry and break 

After all life is a continuous journey of recovery and learning it’s ok to make mistakes 

Never give up when the challenge ahead feels scary and tough 

Just like the waves in the sea when unpredictability at times it can be rough 

Surround yourself with the people that love and care 

Remind yourself that no matter what they’ll always be there 

Never give up never lose hope 

I promise there will always be a way to cope 

When anorexia, depression, anxiety, self-harm, flashbacks and thoughts of suicide try and take over me 

Remember I am Emily and I can break free 

Every day is a new day to give the battle another go 

If I stay in this same place then I’ll never know 

It’s been 15 years of fighting this continuous hell 

And I finally more than ever want to be well 

I am Emily and I will break free 

I am not going to let my masks, fears, challenges and hurdles stop me 

It’s time for me to be my own best friend 

The road ahead will be bumpy, scary and hard but I won’t stop till I reach the very end 

The darkness will soon be overtaken by the sky so beautiful and bright 

Which will every day remind me that I will not give up this fight 

It will be worth all these tears and fears 

Because the future ahead is going to be healthy, happy and positive years 

You are loved and wanted in this earth and place 

Be proud of who you are and show your beautiful face 

Because you will one day win this running race 

So don’t give up when you wobble on your feet 

Because this is a battle I am going to beat. 

Remember the charities, helplines, your treatment teams, family and friends, 

Who will be right with you holding your hand to the very end 

Remind yourself that 5 years and 9 months out of inpatient is an achievement in itself 

That you deserve to be well and have healthy physical and mental health 

So stand tall Emily don’t give up this fight 

I promise through the hardest, distressing and exhausting of days 

You will come out stronger and it will all be ok 

You can beat this and break free 

And go on to whatever you want to be 

The world is your oyster – go and grab it with both hands 

Because you will reach your beautiful destination when you finally land. 

About Emily 

Emily is a motivational disability, children, young people, families and homelessness campaigner and advisor with Action for Children. Emily is also an incredible mental health and eating disorder campaigner, champion and speaker, disability sports coach with Guernsey Mobility Let’s Go, MOE foundation coach, an entrepreneur and inspirational co-author for the books. She is an active fundraiser, campaigner, speaker and media volunteer for Beat, the UK eating disorders charity.  

Emily is all about empowering people and inspiring long lasting change.  

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