Defeating Anorexia: inspiration from our client

We understand that deciding to recover from an eating disorder is often a daily, deliberate choice – especially in the beginning. Turning up to treatment, communicating with your therapist and sometimes merely getting out of bed can feel impossible. During these moments we can feel so weak that it’s hard to imagine that we’re making progress – no matter how encouraging the people around us are.

If this sounds familiar, this illustration is for you. Drawn by one of our amazing clients, this victorious battle scene is called “Defeating Anorexia” and we are overwhelmed by the power and courage that emanates from it. No matter the darkness or the flames, this young woman is fighting back.

Fact is, those moments when you’re feeling the most challenged, the most conflicted – those are the moments when you’re fighting your hardest. You’re giving yourself permission to truly feel emotions that you might otherwise push away or mask with numbness – that’s bravery and victory.

We hope you’re as inspired by this image as we are. Keep going and remember where you’re headed.

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