Common fears about online treatment

It’s normal to be apprehensive about treatment for an eating disorder. You’re asking yourself to be incredibly brave in the face of many unknowns and to hold on tight to that small voice inside that knows you deserve better.
Here we talk through the common fears associated with accessing treatment online.

Since launching our online service, we’ve helped countless individuals – across the UK and internationally – make meaningful and sustainable progress in recovery.

Online, you access a recovery community at just the click of a button. Our outcome data demonstrates it is just as effective as in person treatment, meaning that you get the very same high quality and specialist support that’s offered in our London service.

Programmes start at 6-weeks’ long and are specifically designed to help you regain the joys of everyday life without the overbearing presence of an eating disorder.

By joining online, you can stay present in your day-to-day life and connected with your loved ones, whilst engaging in specialist treatment wherever you are in the world.

“It was such a new concept to have therapy remotely but one that I will be forever grateful for. Orri’s online treatment programme has been undoubtedly the best treatment I have ever received. Their wrap around care has been so enlightening and has resulted in my whole self benefiting in ways I never imagined.” – Online Client

Common fears about online treatment

How am I going to connect with everyone online?

Eating disorders can be very isolating illnesses, and recovery often involves opening oneself up again and connecting with others who share in your experience and understand.

Clients are often surprised by the depth of the relationships they build whilst online at Orri. Despite the physical distance of joining virtually, the respect, kindness and compassion of every client and team member helps foster a recovery community that unites people during even the darkest of days.

To quote one of our alumni online clients, Richard:

“In this common place, your experience is validated when people recognise it and say, “yup, I get it. I feel exactly the same.” It’s such a relief to know that someone else is going through the same pain as you – as weird as that sounds – but I suppose it’s the comradery. The support network around groups has been super valuable for me. The recognition, the validation…it has been so useful.” – Richard, Online Client

How will I know where to be and when?

Hannah Hickinbotham, our Eating Disorder Associate and Research Assistant who works exclusively with our online programme, explains:

“Every day, the online Eating Disorder Associate (EDA) sends out the Zoom links to the clients. In this email, you are told which “stream” (group of 8 clients) you will be joining, along with which therapist will be leading your group and how to access the session.

“The online Eating Disorder Associate also sends out a weekly timetable on a Monday so that clients can see what they will be attending across the week.”

What support will be available to me around groups?

Our online EDAs are available throughout the day to provide support for clients when they feel they need to talk things through between group sessions. There is always a named person for clients to make contact with, either for emotional support or help with technical issues.

“The whole Orri team have been fully by my side throughout my journey and it has shown me how connection and being true to oneself are so important in recovery.” – Online Client

Will I be on Zoom all day?

The programme is specifically designed so that people don’t experience Zoom fatigue. Hannah explains further:

“Here at Orri, we completely understand that sitting in front of a laptop screen can feel difficult and appreciate that with the therapy groups, can be quite tiring.

“Our day is set out so that you are able to have regular breaks away from the screen, allowing you not only to look after your mental and physical health, but to also make the most of the therapeutic spaces.

“The day at Orri begins with check-in & snack, which allows you to ground yourself to start your day. There are breaks throughout the day in between sessions, and a longer break in the afternoon before check-out so that clients can regulate and ground themselves before finishing for the day.”

I’m concerned about eating online

At Orri, we know that eating disorders are not just about the food, but they are a big component and an important part of recovery. Hannah explains how we approach food online:

“Eating online can be a strange experience, it’s not something we’re used to so it can take some adjustment.

However, here at Orri the mealtimes are never focused on the food. Lunch times are a great time to get to know one another and will often be filled with general conversations about conversations varying from rollercoasters in Florida to activities we did at the weekend.

“Eating online with your group is also a valuable part of the Orri experience, as everyone is in this together. The group dynamic is very supportive, and you will find that someone else has experienced something similar so you are never alone and can seek advice from your peers.”

Our CEO and founder on how we approach food online:

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