Antalia Terblanche

Treating men with eating disorders at Orri 

In Orri’s eating disorder service, we treat every person who comes through our door or checks into our online programme – male, female, any gender – with respect for their individual journey. All are welcome, however they may show up.

How to nurture a compassionate voice

Did January go how you had planned it? Or, maybe those recovery goals you set at the start of the year are feeling harder to reach. If you are feeling the pull of the inner critic, here are some reminders.

A poem for Anorexia Recovery: Guest Blogger

Our Regular Guest Blogger uses poetry to express his learnings and emotions throughout his recovery from Anorexia. In this poem, he explores family dynamics with an eating disorder.

How to cope with negative body talk

It can be difficult to escape the conversation around health, diet or body talk. If you feel stuck in this void of social pressure and diet culture, here’s a gentle blog to remind you that you are enough already.