Antalia Terblanche

The role of non-negotiables in eating disorder recovery 

Eating disorder recovery is tough, and for many, it can feel like an unpredictable battle. However, the role of the non-negotiables in recovery can support consistency in this process. Beth, Orri’s Eating Disorder Dietitian, explores more in this blog.

How are you? Really?

How are you, and how are you feeling? These questions can receive the most dishonest answers. Hands up if your automatic response is, “fine.” This blog is for those of you that struggle to be honest.

A march for hope, led by Hope Virgo 

Last Saturday, Orri walked alongside the eating disorder community to call for action and change in the treatment of eating disorders in the UK. We marched to support the Dump the Scales campaign, headed and organised by prominent mental health campaigner, Hope Virgo.

Anxiety and Mental Health Awareness Week 

Experiencing anxiety can be a fearful and isolating experience, and there are many reasons why we can feel anxious. It’s important to remember that this is a common and very normal emotion in us all, and that is why it is the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year.

8 Messages of Hope, from Orri’s online community

Orri’s online community shares hopeful recovery affirmations. Allow them to serve as reminders that your life extends so far beyond an eating disorder. You deserve to live your life free from the barriers and hurdles of this illness.