A note to lonely you, a poem by our client

Inspired by this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, a previous client has written a poem about loneliness and shares her hope for those in eating disorder recovery.

To you whose heart aches,

who is tiered,

who cannot see a way out,

who was hurt again,

who was shot down again,

who didn’t mean to slip up,

who wasn’t caught when you did…

To you who is misunderstood,

who is holding back quivering tears,

who cried in a quiet space,

To you who is not OK ,

who is overwhelmed,

who feels stuck,

who is drowning in worry

To you who is terrified & concerned for someone dear…

To you facing a difficult decision

To you who feels deeply helpless,

who is fighting a relentless inner battle,

whose mind is heavy with struggle,

whose thoughts are becoming darker

To you who cannot speak,

who has no one to speak to,

who spoke but it backfired,

who spoke but was not heard

To you who is fearful of letting anyone in,

To you who feels like a failure

To you who is scared today,

who is scared of tomorrows,

To you who feels lost,

To you who has lost

To you who is living in fright,

who is on the brink,

who is trembling with anxiousness or panic,

who feels imprisoned by a habit

who feels disheartened…

To you who is fragile

To you who hides your fragile

To you who really needs a tight caring hug

to All of YOU … whatever your ‘lonely’ looks like.

The mind can be a lonesome place when inner struggles have banished light. These words are an attempt to reach into those lonely spaces with the whisper ‘there’s light outside’ and caring people (such as loved ones or support teams like Orri) are around with hopeful light, waiting to help you navigate through darkness.

Please try believe and trust in that. These words are to wish everyone battling lonely (in all its shapes and forms) comfort, strength, courage and to wish everyone glimmers of hope that shine in abundance to guide you through to recovery.

Lastly, these words are to say: please remember that no matter how lonely it may seem at times, there is hopeful light beyond any darkness; which like the stars and the moon in the night sky are there ALWAYS, even when you cannot see them.

We are so grateful to work with such inspiring clients who courageously show up for their recovery every day. The community is so special and we are all in this, together.

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