I have a little something to say… -a poem by our client

To all the members of Orri
I have a little something to say
As we go into this long weekend
Remember to take it day by day
Create a plan and structure your days
Set aside some time for fun
Whether it’s art or reading or knitting or singing
Don’t forget to step out into the sun
Feel the breeze on your gentle skin
And be grateful for nature’s bloom
Breathe in and take a moment to pause
For we’ll be back at Orri soon
Make sure you eat three meals a day
And three snacks – it’s what you need
Enjoy a cookie or a slice of cake
Whatever you and Paula have agreed
So as we enter this long weekend
There may be some fear in the air
But remember it’s only one extra day
So be gentle to yourself and take care

Thank you to our amazing clients for their resilience, strength and bravery to choose recovery with us every day.

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