Workshops and events.

Collaboration in the eating disorder community is important to us.

By hosting regular events, webinars, workshops and discussions, online and in person, we strive to extend our hope in recovery outside the walls of our London centre. We talk with a variety of people sharing their experiences and expertise of eating disorders, ranging from those with lived experience of eating disorders; health care professionals; families and carers; and our specialist clinical team.

Community is at the heart of Orri and all are welcome.

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Instagram Live: with Cara Lisette

Tuesday 16th August 2022
Time: 18:30 – 19:00
Location: Instagram

Kerrie Jones, Orri’s CEO and Founder, and Cara Lisette, eating disorder campaigner and author, will discuss eating disorder recovery during the summertime. They will explore themes of acceptance and self-compassion, how to keep recovery on track with relapses, her book and more!

Instagram Live: with Lorna Collins and Dr Agnes Ayton

Thursday 18th August 2022
Time: 18:30 – 19:00
Location: Instagram

Kerrie Jones, Orri’s CEO and Founder, will be joined by Lorna Collins and Dr Agnes Ayton, to discuss their latest works on the anorexia pathway in eating disorder treatment services in the UK. They will explore also how Orri’s model aligns with this model.

Preparing for University, with Wednesday's Child and Beyond - FREE Webinar

Wednesday 24th August 2022
Time: 18:00 – 19:00
Location: Zoom Webinar

In this FREE webinar, we are focusing on how to prepare for university and how to sustain eating disorder recovery and good mental health. Hosted by Orri.

Orri’s CEO and Founder, Kerrie Jones, is joined by Debbie Watson, Founder of Wednesday’s Child, and CEO of Beyond, Louisa Rose.

They will engage in a panel discussion on the experiences of this transitional period, for students and for parents, and will offer useful ways to overcome any challenges that may arise to benefit recovery and mental wellbeing for all.

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Instagram Live: with Emily Nuttall

Tuesday 13th September 2022
Time: 18:30 – 19:00
Location: Instagram

Kerrie Jones, CEO and Founder, will be joined by eating disorder and mental health campaigner, Emily Nuttall. Together, they will explore neurodivergence and disability in eating disorders, based on Emily’s lived experience. They will also explore what improvements can be made in eating disorder treatments across the UK.

The Importance of Anti-Discriminatory Practice in Eating Disorder Therapy - FREE Webinar for Healthcare Professionals

Wednesday 14th September 2022
Time: 18:30 – 19:30
Location: Zoom Webinar

Members of Orri’s specialist team will explore and challenge the biases that exist in mental health services, particularly in eating disorders treatment, and will offer insight into how to demonstrate practice that is inclusive for all.

The team will explore the approach to recognising and treating eating disorders in the Black Community, considering how myths and stigmas in eating disorder diagnosis limit those approaching treatment.

Orri is committed to a non-discriminatory approach in the healthcare service and respects and values diverse life experiences and heritages, striving to ensure that all voices are valued and heard.

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Recent webinars and event recordings

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