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Nurturing Hope: Step By Step

Nurturing Hope is our free collective healing space, led by specialist clinicians exploring eating disorder recovery around a central and relevant theme. This month we’re exploring the theme of “Step By Step”.

To heal we need to feel. To feel…we need to slow down.

Recovery is a beautiful lesson for how the best things in life can’t be rushed.

April is Stress Awareness Month – a month where we’re invited to focus on the transformative impact of consistent, positive actions on our wellbeing.

This is a very welcome topic, because eating disorder recovery is itself a transformative experience made up of cumulative actions and daily commitments.

When we commit to the process of recovery, we commit to: 

  • Slowing our pace down to ensure that our changes are sustainable 
  • Calling upon our compassionate parts to soothe us when we’re struggling 
  • Appreciating the steps we’ve taken, and celebrating the incremental changes that have got us to where we are today

We hope you’ll join us to explore the themes and challenges that arise in eating disorder recovery around taking things step by step…

Your host:

  • Kerrie Jones, Psychotherapist and CEO & Founder of Orri

This free event is specifically for those in recovery, and will be hosted as a Zoom ‘meeting’. All participants will be muted upon entry and can raise their hand to share when they wish.

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