For those difficult days…why recovery is worth it.

We know that it can be hard to hold onto hope in eating disorder recovery. It can be a long journey, made up of cumulative small steps forward, and some days are tougher than others.

However, somehow you keep going, knowing that with a new day comes another chance to take back your life from the eating disorder.

Wherever you are in your journey today, know that how you feel about recovery right now does not define your entire recovery journey. One bad day doesn’t make you a “failure”. It makes you human.

But in case you needed it, here are 31 reasons why recovery is worth it.

  1. You realise that you are not faulty
  2. You stop finding life, and other people, so confusing, challenging and/or mundane
  3. You see joy in the smallest things
  4. You build relationships that are true to who you are – as your recovering self
  5. You allow people to love you, and allow yourself to feel their love
  6. You stop pushing yourself so hard, recognising that you are human
  7. You learn your boundaries and your limits (they are two different things)
  8. You know how strong you are
  9. You won’t want to go back – you’ll see no need for it
  10. You feel so many more emotions, and you are not scared of them
  11. Bad days are simply days that are bad
  12. You communicate your feelings and needs without fear for how they’ll be received
  13. You trust that those around you can hold your pain and happiness
  14. You stop judging yourself, and in the process, stop judging others
  15. You make room for spontaneity
  16. You tolerate uncertainty
  17. You see change as opportunity
  18. Meals with others are about connection and joy
  19. You choose LIFE
  20. You make friends with your body. You see it in a new way. You welcome your individuality and realise there’s more to you than your weight, size or shape
  21. You may never weigh yourself again
  22. You have zero interest in diet or weight loss talk. You shrug it off and move on
  23. You don’t look at the menu before going to a restaurant, or panic about making choices for where to meet people
  24. You acknowledge that it’s a journey. You are always learning about yourself – but this isn’t a “problem”, it’s a strength
  25. You know your triggers, you keep a healthy distance from them, and eventually the triggers aren’t so threatening anymore
  26. The food rules book has been burnt and ashes cast out to sea. You trust your intuition with food and you grant permission for exploration and curiosity
  27. You are CONFIDENT. You walk into a room without thinking about the other people in it
  28. You trust that the energy you put out, will come right back to you
  29. You acknowledge the importance of self-care and treating yourself. You realise it’s not an “indulgence” to do nice things for yourself
  30. You relish alone time in a new way. You’re realise that you like to be around yourself
  31. One day, you may forget that you’re “in recovery” as your recovered self takes the floor

Wake up, every day, and choose recovery.

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