Our Senior Psychotherapist on intimacy and eating disorders

Our Senior Psychotherapist, Romy, delves into the topic of sex, intimacy and relationships in recovery, and how we support our clients around these themes in treatment.

What’s the difference between sex and intimacy?

What do we mean by intimacy?

Covid-19 and its impact on sex and intimacy

Romy discusses the anxiety people can feel emerging from lockdown, and how this can impact sex and intimacy in relationships.

How does an eating disorder impact intimacy?

How does Orri support clients around themes of sex and intimacy?

Relationships Group at Orri

“In essence, intimacy is about connecting with our body.”

Often, eating disorders draw an individual away from their body, loosening the human connection and intimate feelings that come from this entirely.

Romy shares how she facilitates group therapy at Orri, where she helps clients to reconnect with their bodies – by ‘anchoring’ them in the moment – and by setting a comfortable pace where discussions, such as sex and intimacy, can take place.

To find out more about Group Sessions at Orri, read more in our blog. For more on our treatment approaches, click here.

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