Online or in person treatment?

Our London centre is opening its doors once more on Monday 12th April. Our online treatment, first launched during the first lockdown, will remain alongside in order to support individuals and their families who are further afield and need a virtual version of our specialist team.
You may be wondering, which treatment is best for me? This blog post looks into each one a little deeper!

In Person Treatment

Orri’s in person treatment is based in central London and first opened its doors at the beginning of 2019. We’re based in a 5-storey townhouse and are grateful to have multiple rooms for one-to-one sessions, group therapy and movement therapy!

We created Orri with the aim of providing a new choice to individuals and their families living with eating disorders in the UK, offering an intensive form of treatment that takes place during the day but keeps people connected to their everyday lives and loved ones outside treatment.

Our in person day programmes are built to support the whole person in their recovery – meaning that we consider all aspects of mind and body in treatment. You can see a full list of our different treatment sessions here.

Our weekly programmes follow a set structure and are comprised of group therapy and individual psychotherapy sessions, as well as additional support from our dietetic, OT and medical team. The themes and topics of each group change week-on-week as we respond to the specific challenges that our Orri community are facing within their recovery journeys.

Programmes start at 6-weeks long and are led by a multi-disciplinary team of eating disorder experts within psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, occupational therapy (OT), dietetics and nursing.

Our programmes follow a “stepped approach“, meaning that the intensity and duration is unique to the individual and programmes adapt in line with clients’ progress in recovery.

By identifying and treating every aspect of your life that the eating disorder is impacting, we can heal the whole person for full and sustained recovery.

Online Day or Evening Treatment

Our online day and evening treatment mirrors our in person treatment, except it’s online!

The most unique thing about Orri’s online treatment is the fact that you can take Orri with you, wherever you go. Being online, we can support you in healing your home environment, which can be particularly helpful for families in recovery together.

Online, the team have supported clients and their loved ones with mealtimes, choosing snacks from the kitchen or preparing meals. Having Orri virtually “there”, responding and supporting in the moment, has truly helped clients take their recovery home with them.

Having an online version of our treatment also means that we can come with you and support you whilst you’re at university, working abroad or even on holiday.

Recovery is a very personal journey and we recognise that we, as a treatment centre, have to walk alongside you in that process. We’re grateful to have supported many clients from further afield of our London clinic in their recovery through our online treatment.

We’re here to talk it through.

We have to go gently when we’re making big decisions in life, like the decision to enter treatment. This is why we take things at your pace, with respect, kindness and compassion, every step of the way.

Simply reach out to learn more.

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