“In short, Orri has given me my life back”

Our client kindly shares her experience in Orri’s online treatment.

I feel so lucky and so fortunate to have found  Orri’s online treatment programme at a time when I was so desperately in need of help and support. Being able to access the type of treatment programme offered by Orri whilst still living at home and being in my own environment just seemed too good to be true.

It was such a new concept to have therapy remotely but one that I will be forever grateful for.

Orri’s online treatment programme has been undoubtedly the best treatment I have ever received. Their wrap around care has been so enlightening and has resulted in my whole self benefiting in ways I never imagined.

The whole Orri team have been fully by my side throughout my journey and it has shown me how connection and being true to oneself are so important in recovery. The support and the ongoing dedication from Orri to help me continually keep challenging and questioning myself and behaviours have been constant and delivered in such a kind, patient and compassionate way.

I have learnt so much about myself and how to challenge my own core beliefs and those that are shrouded by my eating disorder. I now have many tools and techniques that allow me to keep questioning my unhealthy choices and behaviours and replace them with compassion and kindness. Tools I will use forever.

In short Orri has given me my life back.

My relationship with food is now so much better, my relationship with myself and my body is improving every day and I no longer feel the need to punish myself in order to eat or to exercise to earn the food I eat.

Orri has showed me a way to explore my emotions and many areas of my life that I’ve never felt able to acknowledge, to believe in or able to explore. Every area of my life has improved in the 10 months I’ve been in therapy with Orri and I have made so many changes that it is hard sometimes to remember what life was like before Orri.

I have found strengths I never knew I had, moments of courage, of hope, of peace, self belief and so much more throughout my treatment with Orri.

I would recommend this type of online treatment to anyone that feels they are needing any help with their disordered eating wherever they are in recovery.

I don’t feel that my recovery would have been any more successful in face to face treatment than it has been for me online.

Before Orri I was just existing in survival mode, now with their help, support and guidance I am now living in recovery and I can finally see a life without my ED.

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