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COVID-19 Health and Safety Information.

We understand that some clients may be anxious about coming into face-to-face treatment, especially if they have never visited our London clinic before.

We want to reassure everyone that we have done everything we can to make Orri safe, for both our clients and our staff.

Please see below for the latest updates and information for clients and their parents and carers. This page is updated on a regular basis.

Arrival & Pre-Screen App

To uphold social distancing measures, the flow of the Orri clinic building has changed and we have a new timetable with a client arrival time of 10am and departure at 6:30pm.

Before arriving at 14 Hallam Street, every team member, client and visitor will be asked to complete a COVID symptom checker on their phone. Depending on the response they will either be invited to attend Hallam Street or advised to stay at home and seek a COVID test. This, combined with temperature checks, PPE and social distancing, ensures a safe environment to work in.

Upon arrival, the staff team and clients have their temperature taken and will be required to sanitise then wash hands.

Clinic Site

We have introduced new, separate Sitting Rooms that clients are appointed to with new group formations. Clients are asked to select a seat within the Sitting Room which will remain theirs for the duration of the clinic day to avoid cross infection.
Screens have been placed in all sitting rooms, therapy rooms and workspaces. A sheep sticker has been placed on the floor where chairs need to be positioned. The sheep is named Oliver. Screens are as discreet as possible.

PPE/Face Coverings

As the clients and staff team remain social-distanced at all times, face masks do not need to be worn. The exceptions are in the clinic room where full PPE is required when clients are present, if individuals are less than 1 metre apart with no screens, and, if there is more than one person in the staff Tea Room.

Programme & Schedule

One-to-one sessions have been shortened to 50 minutes, and each therapist is required to clean the room after each session with the provided cleaning materials.

We continue to provide family therapy. These sessions are a blend of face to face and Zoom based sessions, negotiated with the therapist.

Use of movement based therapeutic approaches (yoga, movement groups, mindfulness etc) is considered from a socially distancing perspective, with practitioners paying specific consideration to breath work and movement-based practices to mitigate infection risks.

All groups observe the socially distanced strategy at the centre following the Coronavirus policy. These include:
  • Number of people per group is dependent on the room used and will follow the CV19 Building strategy
  • Clients met by the practitioner leading the group 5 minutes before the group starts
  • Practitioner and Clients sanitise hands on entering and leaving the room
  • Social distancing observed at all time
  • Each client has their own named set of pens/pencils/stationary provided by Orri. Clients are asked not to share these items
  • Tissues are provided in group rooms. Boxes are cleaned in between groups
  • Any materials created in groups are kept by the clients and stored in folders provided by Orri


Snacks and breaks are held in the Sitting Rooms. EDA’s will provide drinks and snacks to their allocated Group, using the Tea Room. A large water urn will be placed in the Tea Room which supplies enough water for all the drinks in one go. Snack supplies are kept in the cupboard and replenishing of supplies will need to be communicated to the Chef. Cups will need to be taken down to the kitchen and washed in the dishwasher.

In the Kitchen, the tables have been rearranged in the three dining areas. Each table has clear perspex screens dividing the table into two or four, depending on its size. Service is the same as before, with EDA’s serving the clients. The team wears a disposable apron when serving and wash hands.

Risk Assessment

Please click this button to view Orri’s latest risk assessment.

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