Changing seasons – autumn, the season of letting things go

We are now in the midst of autumn, that time of year when there’s a chill in the air and the leaves change colour. The clocks have gone back, bringing shorter days and a change in mood.

Autumn is a transitional period, as we say goodbye to summer and welcome the release and rest of the colder months.

For many, Autumn represents adulthood and maturity. After the birth and renewal of spring, and the freedom and youth of summer, autumn is a time for reflection and letting go of what doesn’t serve us.

As our surroundings change, so do we. Our cells die and are replaced by new ones and our minds are constantly learning and adapting, too. Through this process, we need to be resilient and patient with ourselves.

“Through this process, we need to be resilient and patient with ourselves.”

The shedding leaves from the trees during this time reminds us that we must let things go in order to grow and is a useful metaphor for a critical turning point in eating disorder recovery.

In recovery, there’s a period when we realise that in order to move on and grow, we need to take action. In recent conversations with people who enquire about treatment, we’ve noticed that many are making a brave and courageous decision to put their recovery first this autumn.

As we approach the end of the year, let’s give ourselves a moment to reflect, asking ourselves what we are holding on to that is holding us back and what we are not doing out of fear. Follow up those questions by asking what would happen in the long-term if you let go of what isn’t serving you; how you can ask others for help; and what daily routines you can build to help you let go.

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