Orri’s Response: Anorexia is the deadliest mental illness. Why is the NHS still not taking it seriously? (Guardian)

NHS figures recently revealed that hospital admissions for eating disorders have risen 37% across all age groups in the last two years. Tom Quinn, Director of External Affairs at Beat, shared his thoughts in a Guardian opinion piece. We wanted to share our response.

This is a very important opinion piece by Tom Quinn from Beat following the news of a 37% rise in hospital admissions for eating disorders in the past two years.

The Orri team fully support the comment that “we need more innovation in care“. Statistics such as these published last week are proof that most eating disorder treatments are not providing the support that many individuals and their families need, despite a national commitment to improve access to and quality of services.

“Intensive day care or home-based treatments can minimise the need for inpatient admissions, reduce length of stay and provide a step down from inpatient care to living back in the community.” 

Tom Quinn, Beat

As an Intensive Day Treatment service that’s embedded within the community, we provide early intervention so that people can access the support they need before reaching a point of crisis – and support the whole family in recovery.

“Advocacy” and “hope” are two of our values that are central in all that we do here at Orri. We are indebted to clients current and past who have collaborated with us, and to our partners who support us in our mission to enhance accessible and quality treatment throughout the UK, so that individuals, families and communities can thrive.

Kerrie Jones, Clinical Director

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