Jennifer DeLucry

Jennifer leads Orri’s marketing and communications activity, ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of Orri’s treatment.

Tanya Galloway

Tanya synchronises treatment planning across Orri in her role as Programme Coordinator.

Tricia Eghagha

Tricia ensures the optimal efficiency of the daycare treatment services at Wimpole Street.

Pippa Richardson

Pippa is a highly specialist Somatic Therapist who oversees the Somatic Therapy Department and Program at Orri. 

Ruby Feld Smith

Ruby maintains the high quality of our Outpatient Services as its Clinic Coordinator.

Sofia Barrett

Sofia is our Lead Clinical Administrator, ensuring that the team is organised and that diaries are updated, to support clients in treatment.

Imogen Sloane

Imogen works side by side with clients and their case managers to ensure a seamless journey through treatment.

Hannah Laverick

Hannah oversees the management and coordination of Orri’s outpatient services, ensuring the delivery of high-quality care to clients.

Isobel Phillips

Isobel manages the treatment and referral pathways for our clinical partnerships.

Andy Johnson

Andy works closely with Jyoti to ensure Orri is compliant and providing outstanding CQC-rated care.

Ellie Parkins

Ellie works to ensure clients have a positive journey through Orri, right from their very first knowledge of Orri.