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Resources for recovery.

We are continually in awe of the resilience and determination that our clients and community have for recovery. 

Here, we are creating and sharing resources – for free – that we hope will support your individual journeys. Please share them with those who need it.

Grounding Exercises for Anxiety

Anxiety is an embodied response to a perceived threat, meaning that it is a feeling, or set of feelings, that arise within our body and triggered by an experience or situation that is making us feel unsafe.

Symptoms of anxiety can include increased heart rate, feeling short of breath, tense muscles, and racing thoughts. These are all the ways that our body and mind prepare us for fight or flight in times of distress.

Cultivating resilience to change – having a tolerance for what life throws at us – is crucial for
recovery. We can cultivate resilience by finding a sense of grounding in times of overwhelm.

Compassionate Thinking Worksheet

Admitting we need more compassion and kindness is an act of strength, and a demonstration of the trust we have towards ourselves that we can hold this difficult feeling but respond accordingly to it.

Kindness doesn’t always have to involve big actions or gestures (“doing” things), it may just be taking a few moments to check in and notice what’s happening for ourselves.

Take a few moments today to check in with this 4 step activity, and find that internal place that needs a little more selfcompassion right now.