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How to tell if your child has an eating disorder – and what to do about it

An Orri client shares her eating disorder recovery journey, including her experience of treatment at Orri.

‘Three years ago, I made some huge changes, which were critical to my recovery – I left my relationship, and I quit medicine. I slowly improved, but in May 2020, I noticed I was becoming more rigid with food rules – the pandemic didn’t help – so I went to Orri, where I had treatment for almost two years.

They believed in me and that made me start to believe in myself which then enabled me to feel more motivated to recover. Once you realise why you have it, and actually, you don’t need it anymore, the eating disorder’s not serving you, it’s literally just breaking habits. I still have therapy, but I am now at a healthy weight. I can assert myself, and have boundaries. I have new friends. I’m an online tutor, and before that, I worked in a special needs school – and I love it. I have so much now that I don’t want to lose. I feel like I’ve almost had two lives.’

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