Orri’s Response: Over-65s unable to access some clinics (BBC)

The BBC recently reported on the lack of eating disorder provision for those aged over-65. As providers of Specialist Day Treatment for those suffering with eating disorders, we wanted to share our response to the news article.

It has been proven that eating disorders can effect anyone, at any age, and numbers are on the rise. However, many people still find it hard to reach out and access the help they need, and access to specialist treatment needs to urgently improve.

As a consequence, people often reach a point of crisis where hospitalisation is the only option and the nearest available bed may be more than a hundred miles away from home.

Beat’s recent research states that outpatient treatment (including intensive day or home-based treatment) could significantly reduce costs to the NHS and still be as effective as inpatient treatment – but is not yet widely available. Orri’s specialist day treatment programme aims to provide a holistic and person-centred service that can provide both early intervention or step-down recovery support following inpatient admission to reduce the length of a hospital stay.

Helen England, CEO

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