Men’s Health Week: Men’s Health Matters, a poem by our client

Men’s Health Matters

Men and women; boys and girls

These labels, they keep us apart.

But if we take just a moment to look

We’re all souls with the same beating heart.


Just like women, men feel pain

They feel down, defeated and blue.

Men experience panic and fear

And heartache and sorrow too.


It’s not just us women who suffer the torment

Of illnesses set in the mind.

Eating disorders, depression, bipolar

May touch any life of mankind.


So now we must talk and send out the message

It’s okay not to be okay.

As a man or boy; old or young

We want to hear what you have to say.


Please speak of your troubles and speak from your heart

Behind a brave face, you don’t have to hide.

For asking for help is a sign of strength

So allow us to come by your side.

Thank you to our amazing clients for their resilience, strength and bravery to choose recovery with us every day.

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