Meet The Marketing Team: Antalia

Introducing our amazing Marketing Assistant, Antalia, who joined the Orri team during lockdown and fast became part of the furniture!

How long have you worked for Orri and what were you doing before?

I joined Orri at the end of April this year. It has been such an interesting experience starting somewhere new online! However, the wonderful team here have been so kind and welcoming, and this has made my time so far really enjoyable. I still feel a part of the work and everyday life at Orri, even through the tiny camera on my laptop.

Before joining Orri, I completed a BA Hons in Media and Communications, and worked in the fundraising team at a mental health charity, based in London. During this time, I completed an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing (which I LOVED) and from there, I moved to work at a local luxury tea brand in a marketing role.  I also started an integrative counselling course alongside, as working in the mental health field stirred a lot of passion for me.  Whilst my heart was set on working for a cause close to my heart, I also wanted to expand my knowledge and expertise in marketing more – my role at the tea company really opened my eyes to the world of SEO, Google Analytics, PPC and content creation (and more marketing jargon!)

However, from here, my unsettled heart also wanted to travel, so I took a couple of months out to explore South East Asia.  Of course, over a month into my journey, Covid-19 struck and borders were quickly shutting.  So, it was a quick ‘hello and goodbye’ to Borneo and ‘hello-lockdown-job-searching’, but in all honesty, I have been so lucky!  Orri could not have appeared on my Google search quicker than it did, as it sounded like the perfect place to work for.  I was able to work in a marketing-based role at a place that helps people through their difficult times…what more could I want?! Destiny definitely played on my side here.

What’s a typical day in the life of a Marketing Assistant?

A typical day for me at the moment is logging onto my morning catch ups with Ellie, my Marketing Manager.  We talk through our plans for the day, based on upcoming social media campaigns and marketing strategies, and then we crack on with our tasks and spam each other’s email inboxes with extra ideas throughout.

My main tasks are based around social media campaigns, social impact (for the ED community, students, service users) and content creation.

Working in our dream-team Marketing Duo is really fun, albeit extremely busy, but every day brings excitement and purpose.  The fact that we are a small team means that everything that we work on counts, towards raising awareness of Orri and bringing our services to people in need of support.

What is your favourite thing about working for Orri?

My favourite thing about working for Orri is reading the comments and stories from our online community. Their words of struggle, hope and unity remind me of why we are working in this field and why our work is SO important. Reading each individual’s experience inspires me to work to my best, as to encourage more Orri community support and love.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

As I love William Shakespeare, it has got to be:

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

Outside of work, what do you do for your own mental wellbeing?

As I mentioned earlier, I am still studying my counselling course. As part of this, I need to have my own therapy, so I regularly speak to a counsellor. I am also a lockdown-runner and enjoy my runs in a little green. I also really enjoy creative writing when I can and stealing snuggles from my beautiful cat, Petal, also keeps me happy.

If you could say one thing to someone struggling, what would it be?

I would say to hold on, as things truly, truly will get better. The dark times may seem wholly unending and desperately deep, but you will find a way to the surface if you keep trying. By taking steps, no matter how small, you will find who you are again and life will seem brighter than it ever was before. Keep the faith and keep believing in your strength.

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