International Women’s Day, a poem

Nia is one of our Eating Disorder Associates. Here she shares a poem she wrote for International Women’s Day.

 I am a white cis-gendered woman with many more privileges than most

I’m not deemed ‘other’// like trans-women or single mothers

Who are raising four children alone

I’m listened to and heard because I had an education//  with frustration

I learn that 62 million girls are denied this education all over the world

I didn’t earn my privileges, like they didn’t earn their poverty

Just like a women’s body is not a commodity

So I raise my voice for the ‘other’ women, the ones who we deny

The basic necessities of this life

And I’m fighting for equality,  not because I want to be

Better than my male counterparts// who are still paid more than me

Luckily, we are so far from the beginning// of this fight for equality

With the female abolitionists and suffragettes to thank

Who yanked, changes through society

But we still have progress to go – 

We are asking for little and big all at the same time

The elimination of rape crime// it being beautiful to have size 12 thighs

CEO of large corporate companies// not being accompanied by makeup wherever we go

Having children by our own choosing// not having to pretend we find football amusing

An equal representation in parliament// to share our disheartened and not be seen as weak

So here’s to women

The women with fear hidden in their hearts

Who continue to rise and play a part// in changing the world

The women who disregard cultural norms

Who cause storms by breaking the silence and saying// me too

The women who can make the mountain taller// so future generations can see further

The women who chase their passion// fearlessly with no abandon

The women who raise their voices and the men who open their ears

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