Eating disorder recovery inspiration, for you, from the community. 

Looking for recovery inspiration? We asked Orri’s community what eating disorder recovery means to them, and here is what they said…

Last week, we attended London International Eating Disorders Conference 2023.

At our stand, we displayed a Board of Hope asking the question: what is recovery made of? We extended this question to our Instagram community, and here is what you said: 

  • Recovery is hope 
  • Recovery is freedom 
  • Recovery is acceptance 
  • Recovery is happiness 
  • Recovery is self-understanding 
  • Recovery is community 
  • Recovery is collaboration 
  • Recovery is belief 
  • Recovery is love 
  • Recovery is autonomy 
  • Recovery is kindness 
  • Recovery is perseverance 
  • Recovery is honesty 
  • Recovery is made of care 

Let yourself hope, let yourself dream of a day that you are free and happy.”

Victoria Hall, Orri’s Registered Mental Health Nurse
We hope these words have provided you with comfort and the motivation to continue showing up for yourself in your recovery – even on the tough days. Your life, as your recovered self, is waiting for you… keep going!  

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