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If you know you have an eating disorder and want to talk to someone who won’t judge, understands eating disorders and can listen, we can help.

If you feel like you’ve tried every treatment in the world and want to explore something completely different, we can help.

If you feel worried about a loved one’s eating habits or behaviour, we can help.

Whatever level of support you or your loved one might want, we can help. It’s easy and safe to reach us.

We accept private medical insurance. Please ask our Admissions Specialist for more details.

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If you'd prefer not to talk at this stage, send us your enquiry.

Professional referrals.

With experts in psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, dietetics, occupational therapy, trauma therapy, family therapy, body image experts, movement therapy and nursing, our highly skilled team are dedicated to helping people recover.

  • Pre-intake consultation.

    We will discuss your client’s situation in detail, walking you through the spectifics of our approach and treatment programmes to ensure we’re the right fit.

  • Coordination at intake.

    Our admissions specialist will ensure a comfortable, reassuring and smooth experience for the client upon arrival.

  • Consistent collaboration.

    We understand that ongoing collaboration across a multi-disciplinary team is crucial to long-term recovery. We will engage you in every step of the way and seek your input and perspective as the client progresses in their recovery.