Body, a poem by our client

Our client shares a poem she wrote about her relationship to her body during recovery from anorexia. Coming to a place of acceptance around our bodies changing in recovery is a current theme that our clients face. It’s also one we recognise as very topical as we re-enter a world post-lockdown. We hope that when you read this you know that you are not alone. There is hope that things can and will get better.

this is my body,
this is my home,
my place to be,
my house to roam.
but when it is changing,
where do I go?
do I dare to stay?
or do I forego,
the home that has held me
through all of my years,
the heart that has held
all my worries and fears,
the mind that has mended
when broke and weak,
has held me together
when weary and meek.
through all of the starving,
and making it thin,
despite all the harming
it never gave in.
so do I desert it?
when I don’t like what I see?
do I deny
what it needs to be me?
how can I hate
a body of healing,
a body of protection,
a body of feeling?
after all these years,
I will finally allow,
my body to be loved,
and from here on I vow,
I will protect you
through all of our living,
I will give back the love,
you have always been giving.

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