A woman recovering from Orthorexia: Guest Blogger

Eating disorder recovery is hard work. A raw and honest account of recovery from orthorexia, from a Guest Blogger.

When reading this blog, we suggest to go at your pace and be mindful of where you are at in your eating disorder recovery. Go gently.

I can easily resent hunger.  That gnawing sensation of my body wanting, needing food.  How it seems so needy, how dare it asks.  No.  I will not listen to you.  Stop bothering me.  At some time, I will cave in though.  Because my body needs to be fed, deserves to be fed.  (But not yet.)  I despise the request.  I would rather not feel hunger ever.  But that never happens, either. Never will happen.  Because I am more than willpower.  I am a woman.  Yet why does this hunger speak so loud?  I feed it often enough, so I believe.

Eventually, I know it will settle down, this gnawing.  Hunger becomes settled.  Hunger will become rhythmic.  How?  Well, I learn. 

I feed the hunger, the body works for a while, the hunger returns, the body is fed again, I work and this repeats till the body prepares for sleep.  I sleep.  I awake.  Repeat.  And that is how I recover.

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