A Poem for Recovery This Christmas – Guest Blogger

Lizzie, an expert by experience and friend of Orri, shared a poem she wrote for our clients this Christmas.

This time of year can be tricky to navigate,
Yet beneath all of our fears, we have to remember it is the time to celebrate!
The sparkle and magic of Christmas is all around,
With presents and stockings, everywhere to be found.

Yes, there might be meal after meal,
Yet we have to remember, if it’s hard, we must share whatever we feel.
Speak to your family or a friend,
You never know, they might have some clever tips which they can send.

If you feel overwhelmed or the room feels too loud,
It’s not a bad thing to step out the room. If anything, staying healthy will make others proud.
Within all the atmosphere of Christmas spirit and cheer,
We can’t forget to follow our plan and not cave into fear.

Merry Christmas everyone!
This time of year should be lots of fun.
Coronavirus might have made it a Christmas like no other,
Yet we’re all experiencing the same, so don’t forget to reach out to one another.

Whatever this season may bring with it, allow your strength and bravery to conquer. We are so proud of our clients who choose recovery with us every day.

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