Meet the team

Romy Wakil,

Head of Diversity & Trauma Therapist

Romy is a cis, able-bodied, light skinned woman of Lebanese heritage who grew up in Cyprus and currently lives in London.  Passionate about inclusivity and bridging the gap between mental health and human rights, her work – which is rooted in her core value of promoting freedom is threefold.

She  set up the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion movement at Orri in 2020 in the effort to ensure that clients inhabiting all types of bodies feel seen and heard at Orri inclusive of gender identity, heritage, size, sexual orientation, race, faith-based beliefs, developmental and acquired disabilities. She works in a trauma-informed and anti-oppressive way, working relationally and drawing on earlier childhood experiences and focusing on body-based approaches to building internal safety. A true believer in the healing power of community, she supports clients in learning how to negotiate their own needs for internal and communal safety when in group processes – which can often be incredibly powerful – as eating disorders often thrive in isolation.