Meet the team

Kerrie Jones,

CEO and Founder

Kerrie is a leading Psychotherapist in the treatment of Eating Disorders, lecturer on an MSc in Attachment Studies at Roehampton University and one of the founders of Orri.

Kerrie has delivered training throughout the UK on Eating Disorders and Attachment, and is a former Eating Disorder Lead at The Priory where she worked with clients in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

The culmination of this work – along with feedback and experiences of clients and colleagues Kerrie has worked with over the last 15 years – paved the way for the formation of Orri.

Working alongside clients with eating disorders for over 15 years, Kerrie recognised that there was a need for a treatment that provided not only expert support in managing the physical and behavioural complexities that come with eating problems, but also a profound need for a space in which clients can choose to explore the underlying difficulties and causes in depth.

Traditionally, there has been a heavy reliance on outpatient and inpatient treatment models, leading to a gap in eating disorder treatment pathways. Orri’s Intensive Day Treatment provides an innovative solution to this gap. We work with the whole person by addressing the underlying causes of the eating disorder, not just the physical symptoms.

Our specialist day treatment model follows a “Stepped Approach”; providing individuals with the opportunity to address all different parts of themselves and their everyday lives when in recovery from an eating disorder.

MSc in Attachment studies
MSc in Attachment studies
MSc in Attachment studies