male eating disorders

Anxiety and Mental Health Awareness Week 

Experiencing anxiety can be a fearful and isolating experience, and there are many reasons why we can feel anxious. It’s important to remember that this is a common and very normal emotion in us all, and that is why it is the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year.

Men’s Health Week: Men, we are here to hear you.

It’s Men’s Health Week, and whilst this week is focusing on keeping men safe during covid-19 and lockdown, we’re going to “add on” the experience of being a man with an eating disorder. About 25% of people experiencing eating disorder symptoms are male, according to...

Men’s Health Week: Through the eyes of our male client

One of our clients shares his experience of being a man with an eating disorder for Men’s Health Week. We hope that this brave and honest account helps those who may be feeling ambivalent about reaching out for specialist help and support. I’ve struggled with an...